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Top 7 Questions to Ask About Flu Vaccine

Planning to get the flu vaccine but have questions in mind? There are plenty of thoughts that can arise in the mind regarding the flu vaccine and make you hesitant.

However, getting your questions answered and understanding the importance of flu vaccine by an experienced GP or a medical practitioner is recommended and is a common practice.

Here are top 7 questions you should ask your practitioner when you visit them for the flu vaccine.

Who is the Best Candidate for the Flu Shot?

Since it is challenging to tell who can contract influenza, let alone who will get really ill from it, the Australian Government advises that everyone older than six months receive an annual flu shot.

It offers protection for those who are weak and unable to receive vaccinations, such as infants under six months old and adults with inadequate immunity.

Why Are Healthy Little Children Recommended a Flu Vaccine?

Infants and children under the age of five, particularly those without underlying medical issues, are more likely to develop a severe influenza infection that necessitates hospitalisation than those that have already received the flu vaccine for kids and adults.

In a diagnosis conducted, it was found that 1 in 200 kids had laboratory-confirmed influenza. Kids who were previously healthy may become quite ill and experience influenza-related complications like pneumonia as well as encephalitis.

Can I Get the Flu from the Flu Shot?

The influenza vaccines given in Australia are not active. This means that the live influenza virus is not present in them. While some people suffer the adverse effects of influenza shots that resemble the virus’s initial symptoms (such as fever, fatigue, and muscular pains), these conditions typically go away on their own.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that any side effects are an indication that the vaccine is working as intended and inducing an immunological response.

How Does the Flu Vaccine Function?

The working of the flu vaccine is pretty simple. When you receive a vaccination, a very little amount of a disease-causing organism or germ enters your body (often by injection or oral intake) and activates the production of antibodies by your immune system.

If you are exposed to this type of germ in the future, the antibodies will recognise it and be able to kill it.

Can One Get the Vaccine Twice in the Same Flu Season?

Most persons receiving more than one dose of the vaccine during the same flu season does not appear to have any benefits, according to studies. However, for some individuals, receiving two doses of the flu vaccine in one season is advised. These include youngsters under the age of nine who have never received a flu shot people who have undergone a stem cell or organ transplant and are getting their first flu shot. Travelers from abroad travelling to the northern hemisphere during the winter are considered.

Pregnant women, even if they had the previous season’s vaccine, may also receive the vaccine for the upcoming season if it becomes available in the latter stages of their pregnant.

If a Woman Gets Vaccine When Pregnant, Does Her Baby Still Need It?

It is advised for all expectant women to get the flu shot during their time of pregnancy. In the important first few months of life before they can receive the vaccine, some of the antibodies the body produces as a response to the vaccine then passes to the baby during a women’s pregnancy.

This helps protect the baby from influenza and gain maximum benefits of flu vaccination.

What’s the Ideal Time to Get the Flu Shot?

Flu season normally lasts from June till September in Australia, and peaks mostly in August.

It’s essential to understand that our immunity is best effective till the period of four months from the time we are vaccinated.

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