From Monday 12 Sept'22, Parkwood Green Medical HILLSIDE CLINIC ONLY will be mixed/private billing clinic for all Doctors

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Parkwood Green Medical is a credible and distinguished medical service provider with highly qualified doctors near Taylors Lake. We facilitate the care and management of patients in need of medical attention and continually strive to improve patient experience to ensure they benefit from and are satisfied with our services. We care about our patients and put their health and wellbeing needs first, making sure they are fulfilled. Our doctors near Taylors Lake will care for our patients as we would wish to be cared for ourselves. Here at Parkwood Green Medical, we provide a pleasant environment to enhance the care of our patients.

We strongly cultivate healthy living and a healthy lifestyle, aiming to better the health of the community through prioritising the health needs of people. Our professional doctors near Taylors Lake have many years of experience in aiding our patients to achieve optimum health. At Parkwood Green Medical, we invest in state of the art technology and our doctors are up to date with the latest research and development in order to increase the efficiency of our medical services.

Our wide range of facilities delivered by our doctors near Taylors Lake are tailored to your individual health needs. We provide professional and fulfilling work environment for our employees and doctors near Taylors Lake to allow for a good quality of life. At Parkwood Green Medical, we value the personal lives of our team and doctors near Taylors Lake, as well as provide value to our firm both professionally and economically. If you are in need of medical attention, contact us now at Parkwood Green Medical to book an appointment. You can rely on us for efficient and trustworthy medical services.

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