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Parkwood Green Medical is dedicated in ensuring providing patient care for all people within our community. Our doctors strive to deliver comprehensive health care to all members of your family. An array of services are available within the clinic, which include, men’s & women’s health checks, skin checks, 6 week infant checks, care plans, immunisations and many more.

Some of the services provide by Parkwood green Medical centre are:

Parkwood Green Medical is dedicated to providing information, education and treatment for patients diagnosed with asthma, in order to help improve the patient’s overall quality of life.

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Here at Parkwood Green Medical, we strive to provide healthcare individualised to your needs. We understand that your health care needs change as you progress to different stages of life.

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Women are particularly important when it comes to health. The reason is that many women not only look after themselves, but they also provide the care and nurturing within the family, they often lead the way in supporting their children’s health, their partner’s health and the health of their ageing parents.

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Parkwood Green Medical has a qualified team of professionals, able to perform minor procedures within our well-equipped treatment room.

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Preventive care is critical to your overall health. This type of healthcare includes screenings, exams, tests, and immunizations that identify health problems early on so you can take action to keep them from becoming chronic conditions.

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Shared care is an arrangement between a hospital and a local healthcare professional (general practitioner) where your pregnancy care is divided between the local provider and the hospital.

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Parkwood Green Medical is equipped with experienced medical proffesionals that have the skills to detect and treat certain skin cancers. Research suggests that over 95% of skin cancers can be successfully treated if found early.

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Diabetes is a chronic condition can impact and modify and individual’s lifestyle completely, making them adopt new healthy habits to prevent diabetes from getting worse.

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Many employers routinely use pre-employment medical tests as part of their selection process and Parkwood Green Medical doctors can provide these medicals.

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