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Parkwood Green Medical is equipped with experienced medical professionals that have the skills to detect and treat certain skin cancers. Research suggests that over 95% of skin cancers can be successfully treated if found early. All Australians should become familiar with their skin. It is imperative to check all of your skin, not just sun-exposed areas. If you notice anything unusual, including any change in shape, colour or size of a spot, or the development of a spot. Regular skin checks are recommended and can be conducted within the clinic. Please liaise with reception when booking your appointment as a longer appointment is imperative to conduct this comprehensive and extensive check-up.


In simple terms, skin cancer is a form of cancer that develops due to an uncontrolled growth of cells in the epidermis which is the outer layer of your skin. Over time, the mutations cause rapid multiplication of skin cells that result in tumours.

Generally there’s three types of skin cancer namely Basal Cell Carcinoma, Squamous Cell Carcinoma, and Melanoma, with the former two being the most popular. Such cancers grow near areas that have maximum exposure to the sun’s UV rays.

Melanoma is less common than Basal Cell Carcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma. It starts as a small spot on the skin and can change or grow in shape, colour, or size over time.


Performing a skin cancer assessment can help examine any risks of potential growth of cancer cells in your skin. A skin cancer check involves undertaking several procedures like medical history assessment, detailed skin examinations, and other follow-up tests. In case any suspicious moles or spots are found to have developed on your skin, doctors examine them and recommend the suitable treatment option.

An annual skin cancer check is normally recommended for patients. It is also advisable to look for signs on your skin that would mark the risk of skin cancer.

Make sure you contact a skin specialist or clinic for a skin assessment if you witness any of the following:

An irregular mole with change in color, size, or shape
Changes in the edges of a mole
Irregular growth of a mole

If you find any of these, book an appointment at the earliest for a consultation. A clinic offering skin cancer checks near Caroline Springs or at your nearest location might help with the right treatment.


Parkwood Green Medical offers complete skin cancer checks for patients residing near Caroline Springs and surrounding suburbs. Our doctors are certified and trained to diagnose all forms of skin cancer. Using medical-grade instruments and best practices during examination, we will ensure you get results with the highest possible accuracy for your skin cancer treatment.

You will first be seen by our specialist skin care doctor who will conduct a full body assessment to examine even the tiniest of suspicious-looking spots on your skin. We then perform mole mapping to take high-quality images of your skin. During your follow-up visit these images are compared to examine any changes in the moles on your skin.

To book an appointment for skin analysis and diagnosis at our practice, kindly connect with our staff.

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