From Monday 12 Sept'22, Parkwood Green Medical HILLSIDE CLINIC ONLY will be mixed/private billing clinic for all Doctors

Mixed Billing

Parkwood Green Medical is a mixed billing Clinic.

Summary of mixed billing as of 26 February 2024

  • CHILD, PENSION and CONCESSION HOLDERS – Blue Pension Concession, VET holders, Children aged between 0-16yrs of age, Healthcare holders, Commonwealth Seniors Card (pink) before 6pm weekdays will be bulk billed
  • CHILD, CONCESSION and PENSIONERS 64yr and under will incur PRIVATE FEES after 6pm weekdays and all weekend. Gap is $30.

Normal consult $71.40, Longer consult $110.10 6pm to 8pm weekdays and before 1pm Sat
Normal consult $83.90, Longer consult $122.45 8pm weekdays and after 1pm Sat
Pensioners aged between 65 and above will be bulk billed

  • ADULT PRIVATE FEES aged 17 and above before 6pm weekdays. Gap is $30.
Normal consult fee $71.40, Longer consult $110.10.
  • ADULT PRIVATE FEES aged 17 and above after 6pm weekdays and weekends. Gap is $50.
Normal consult fee $91.40, Longer consult fee $130.10.
  • ADULT PRIVATE FEES aged 17 and above after 8pm weekdays and 1pm weekends.  Gap is $50.
Normal consult fee $103.90, Longer consult fee $142.45
  • Non-Medicare holders before 6pm weekdays and before 1pm weekends standard $90, long $130. After 8pm weekdays and after 1pm weekends standard $100, long $140.
  • Children’s Immunisations clinics will be bulk billed for both Doctor and Nurse Practitioner. Adult immunisations will be bulk billed if we are the issuing provider, otherwise consult fee may apply.
  • Nurse Practitioner – only works during business hours. Gap fees for adults are the same as GP. Child/Concession will be bulk billed.
  • Public holiday – EVERY patient incurs an $50 out of pocket regardless of status type.

Procedures do incur a treatment room and out of pocket cost. Please see reception on these costs and book through reception.


  • Payment options – Payments can be made by credit cards (Visa/Mastercard only), EFTPOS Card. Medicare claims are sent for processing online. If payment is not made within 48hrs you will be billed and an invoice will be emailed, whereby you will need to manually claim your rebate through Medicare.
  • Tyro Medicare Easy claim is available Medicare patients, when paying your account in full, this allows an instant refund of the Medicare/ government rebate from Medicare to your Cheque or Savings account using our integrated EFTPOS machine. You will need to bring your debit card linked to savings or cheque account to receive the rebate onto your card.

Thank you for your continued support to help us provide General Practice services.

  • Bulk billing available for following services
      • – Some vaccinations when completed within a vaccine clinic
      • – Childhood vaccinations
      • – Care Plans and Reviews
      • – Mental Health Care Plan and reviews
      • – Health Assessments
  • Procedure Charges: All patients must pay the full fee on the day and claim Medicare rebate as advised by the doctor / front desk team. Most procedure below may have Medicare rebates, please confirm with the staff member or doctor for exact rebate that you will get. These are billed in conjunction with the Medicare schedule item number.
      • Skin Biopsies / Excisions will range between $40 to $70 gap (the fee will depend on the complexity and the time taken to complete) and as confirmed by the Doctor. All patients must see the Doctors first to discuss the procedure and must see the same Doctor to complete their procedure.
      • Implanon Insert gap $60 (requires a 20 min appt)
      • Implanon removal gap $60 (requires a 20 min appt)
      • Implanon both insert and removal gap $110 (requires a 20 min appt)
  • FOR IUD / MIRENA APPOINTMENTS must have a pre-consult with a doctor first performing the procedure first
      • IUD / Mirena Insert gap $120 (requires a 40 min appt)
      • IUD / Mirena removal gap $40 (requires a 20 min appt)
      • IUD / Mirena insert and removal gap $150 (requires a 40 min appt)
  • FOR CONSUMABLES (inc dressings, liquid nitro etc)
      • Depending on the complexity of dressings done, there may be an out-of-pocket fee of $20


  • No show / Late cancel fee (cancelled under 2 hours from appointment time) maybe charged a $20 DNA fee.
  • Paperwork – Depending on the paperwork the Doctor may charge a private fee to complete. This is based on time and what is required. Must have a doctors’ consult on this. Pricing can range from $50 to $200
  • Transfer of Medical Records: Full file $30
  • Preemployment Medicals and Drivers: $200 private fee and no rebate applies.

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